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Body Massage for women in Bangalore, India / Massage for ladies

Know the different types of massage services available for women in Bangalore, India

Whether you are a male or a female, massage is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. Massaging your entire body in a spa at least once in a week will aid you greatly in improving your physical as well as your mental health.

Bangalore is not only famous for luxurious living, but it is also famous for several massage centers for their variety of massage services. If you are a woman and need a complete body massage, Thai massage, body-to-body massage, or male to female massage, you will get a true massage experience in the city at an affordable rate.

Different types of massage services available in Bangalore

Bangalore is the costliest as well as the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is crammed with many spas and massage centers. Each spa is committed to offering a range of professional and reliable massage services through their well-trained massage specialists, according to the needs of their customers. Some of the massage services for females you can expect in Bangalore include:

Full body massage: There is no other better way to get the best relief from your body pain, except the full body massage. It not only alleviates your physical stress, but it also offers great relief from the mental stress as well as from anxiety. Massaging your complete body through a skilled professional will offer you better sleep, as well. This is quite helpful for both office-going women as well as for homemakers.

During the full body massage, a massage therapist will gently press different parts of your body until you get the required relief from your soaring back, legs, shoulders, arms, feet, hands, as well as from your neck.

Thai massage: Thai massage is a 2500-year old massage technique, developed by Buddhist monks. In this type of massage, the massage therapist will use a reflexive stretching and mild pressure along the energy lines of your body to enhance flexibility, alleviate joint and muscle tension, as well as to balance the energy systems of your body. This massage is usually done without clothes, but some spas in Bangalore allow women to wear clothes during the massage.

Thai Massage usually works with compressions, such as rhythmic compressing movements, aimed at muscle tissues by the hand or fingers. Usually, the massage session happens on a futon carpet on the ground. During the session, you may wear stretch or loose clothes for better comfort.

Body to Body massage: This is a special type of massage in which, the therapist will use her body to rub your body. Of course, it is not a sexual act, but it is an effective treatment to release your tiredness as well as to enhance the blood circulation in your body. This type of massage has numerous features to restore as well as to encourage your mood. The massage is also capable of relieving soreness by healing your body’s damaged tissues.

During the massage session, the massage therapist will use her female curves to offer you different sensations. She will apply her thighs, breasts, abdomen, calves, feet, as well as her forearms with varying pressure and speed to kindle every area of your body.

Male to female massage: In this type of massage, a male massage therapist will be appointed by your spa to massage your whole body. Some heterosexual women may prefer male massage therapists. This is because their connection to getting nude under a blanket is that there is a man in the room, touching them. It will be easier and more comfortable for a female to relax even there is no sexual activity involved. This is because male therapists will usually have the required strength to offer the steady pressure that every woman can enjoy during the massage.

Bangalore in the Karnataka State is a distinctive city that attracts many tourists from various parts of India and abroad. Those who are visiting the city may usually like to relax their mind and body in some way or other.

While some women choose other ways, some others prefer to visit a spa to relax them through a professional massage. If you are a woman, seeking for relaxation through a massage, it is better to know the type of massage that best fits your body and your relaxation needs.

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