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Whitefield is popular area in Bangalore. Here you can get the details about massage in Whitefield Bangalore.

Sandwich Massage in Whitefield Bangalore

This is usually performed by two professional massage therapists- their main aim is to give the client complete satisfaction. Sandwich massage is extremely recommended for clients that want to experience mind blowing relaxation.

Body massage in bangalore

This type of massage therapy is popular in most spas in Bangalore and in most Asian countries. The massage therapists are usually naked with the client, and during the massaging process, they will use a lot of water, oil and soapy cream- they aim at making sure you enjoy an exciting massaging experience.

Some clients confirm that sandwich massage gives them unimaginable peace of mind. Also, it is important to note here that some spas in Bangalore don’t sanction sandwich massage because in most cases, it leads to unprotected or consented sex between the adults.

Further investigative analysis reveals that some authorities or owners of these spas say they don’t approve sandwich massage because it can lead to consented sexual encounter.

More Details about Sandwich Massage in bangalore:

The Sandwich Massage is another important massaging technique that is prominent in Bangalore. Just as the name implies, in this massage type, you will be sandwiched by two naked female masseuses who will work on your body to give you a memorable experience.

To increase the effect of the massage, the masseuses usually use soapy water, oil, or cream to work on your body while their naked bodies will also arouse your sexual senses and help you to regain your emotional and physical well-being. That is important so that you can put your challenges behind you.

Body to Body (Female to male) massage Whitefield:

Female to male body massage psychologically helps the client to overcome physical and mental stress, especially if you are treated by a seasoned spa therapist.  Usually, some spas in Whitefield use products that are natural, pure, and environmentally-friendly. These therapists believe in the power of giving you complete happiness and wellness.

Some spas in Bangalore provide female to male body massage at premium prices. Female to male body massage will help you to overcome depression, increase your mobility and fitness level. This type of unique massage services is available at most spas in Bangalore.

Affordable massage service in Bangalore:

Here we provide affordable Body massage in Bangalore. The body massage includes Happy Endings, Blowjob, Handjob and Throat Fucking. Russian and Kerala Girls do this type of service. Just visit our Spa and Get all type of massage and have fun.

Body to Body massage in Bangalore:

Body to body massage is a Kind of massage that helps people with getting rid of pressure and tension. Body to Body massage in Bangalore is one of the famous massage therapy among the people. There are plenty of persons takes B2B massage every day in our Spa. Body to Body massage often called as B2B massage which helps people with experience the full range of sensation.

We have professional masseur to massage your body. In this type, masseur rubs your body with her body. The friction, pressure, and motion gives an ultimate relaxation for your body and mind. B2B massage is a Kind of erotic massage that helps people with sexual fulfillment.

B2B massage Methods:

Body massage in Bangalore, provides best B2B massage service. We have a trained masseur. The types of Body to Body massages are below:

Male to Male Body massage

There are only a few professional body massage centers only provide the best service. Our spa is one among the best service providers.

Body to Body massage center:

We have lots of young female masseur to rub your body. When you visit our Spa, then we allocated a Private room for you. You and your chosen massage girl enter into that room. In that room massage session will start. The massage room is a big one. All Private massage rooms are sophisticated, clean, and good smelling. We attached erotic music system in all our massage rooms.

In Massage rooms, you can take Body to Body massage with females. Nude Body to Body massage is also available here. You and your masseur don’t wear any dress during the session. The female masseur gliding your body with her body. She applied Oil in her body. She also applied Oil to your full body. The smoothness will give the ultimate feeling at the time of massage.

At the time of Body to Body massage, she rubs your body with her boobs, legs, knees, and forearms. Taking Body to Body massage with us helps to regain your well-being and overcome any issues you are experiencing. Orgasm and ejaculation are the objectives of this B2B type.

B2B massage Benefits:

Taking B2B massage once in a week should regain your well-being and improve your health. Many of the persons suffered because of tension and pressure. Many persons have sexual problems. Body massage is the best way to overcome any issues in your body. If you want to active all days in a week, then take Body to body massage once in a week.

B2B massage helps to restore your body, mind, and spirit. This also makes you conscious of your sexual energies.

Some of the main advantage of taking Body to Body massage are:

  • Increased immune power
  • Enhanced flow of blood
  • Reduced Tension
  • Sleep Quality

Visit our SPA to take all different kinds of body massage, especially Nude Body to Body massage in Bangalore.

Massage Tools We Use in Our Massage Center:


Providing holistic care to patients is one aspect that the normal streamlined healthcare system often fails to accomplish.

Just to mention, holistic care involves physical, emotional, spiritual, social and psychological well-being.

This is why body massage was introduced.

This procedure simply involves working on the body with pressure to relieve pain and stress. To accomplish this, several body parts including the feet, hands, fingers, forearms, knees and elbows can be used. Like the western type of care, this treatment also requires the intervention of an expert.

Professional massage care settings require that patients lie on specific equipment while specific supplies are used in the treatment process. That said, mentioned below are some of the massage equipment and supplies.

Massaging tools

There are three commonly used massaging tools.

  • Body rock. It is a serpentine shaped rock carved out of stone. This rock aids in amplifying the therapist strength besides focusing pressure on a specific area. The tool can be used directly on the skin, used with a lubricant such as oil or con or directly over clothing.
  • Bamboo
  • Rosewood

These tools trace their origin from practices in Thailand, Burma, Southeast Asia and Cambodia. Before use, some may be heated or wrapped to enhance their effectiveness.

On the other hand, massage supplies include cremes, gels, lotions and oils. They are mainly used to lubricate and moisturize the skin thus reducing any form of friction between the skin.

Having mentioned this, massage being a human touch, is associated with several benefits.

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