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When one is choosing a massage therapist, it is hard to put in the background the gender of your massage therapist. There are current stereotypes about what either the male or female therapists do and do not do. According to The American Massage Therapy Association, about 86% of the registered massage therapists are female.

The association reports that this number has been influenced by the general belief that this activity is wholly supposed to be done by a female rather than their male counterparts. Due to this high female to female massage therapist ratio, the obvious question is: are female massage therapists better than male therapists?

When comparing female to male massage in Bangalore, you may be surprised to learn that the highest number requesting for the female therapists are women. This is because they understand that they would be naked under the massage sheets, and they would not like anyone judging them as either being fat or having a great body. It seems that would put them in an awkward situation, which is definitely what they had paid.

For heterosexual men, their choice for a female therapist is influenced by a desire to have a woman in the room, touching them. Although this is not a sexual experience to them, many have confessed to feeling more comfortable and reaching high relaxation points.

There are other scenarios where male clients are viewed as troublemakers when a female therapist is massaging them. The major one is when they give free rein to the erection. Although, therapists term it as an indication of the relaxation response, some clients have thrown off their covers and asked for some ‘happy endings’ massages.

But does it mean that men are no better therapists? There are trusted researchers who have termed male therapists as having more strength, an aspect which is vital in deep tissue massage. For the men therapists in the best spas, surviving in that role requires them to be ultimately talented. There are cases.

However, that male dislike has been justified. Some male therapists have allegedly misbehaved. Some women have complained of the therapist telling them that they have a great body during the session. Others have deliberately moved their hands to uncomfortable places such as the woman’s inner thighs.

Another awkward scenario is whether the female client is married. They may be struggling with whether it is appropriate for a man who is not her husband to touch her places that are typically covered by clothes. Although they may be recognizing that male therapists have more extensive and even stronger hands, and they may sometimes need a stronger and firmer feel, the notion that they would be crossing some lines may discourage them from going ahead.

From the surface, it seems that both male and female therapists have their unique benefits when it comes to delivering the service. However, massage experts say that it shouldn’t matter the gender of the therapist because there is no intimate or sexual experience during a massage session. As fragile of a profession as it is, it highly regulated and any misconduct is punishable by law.

Whereas women prefer receiving a massage from other women, the case is somehow different with the males: they are never so comfortable when a guy is receiving a massage from a guy. Citing from the professional code, many would compare this experience to a guy serving coffee to another guy at Starbucks. If the guy is comfortable with another guy helping him, what would be the problem receiving massage service from him?

We can allow old stereotypes to define our choices of the massage therapists to choose- which can make us miss an opportunity to get a full and fulfilling massage  or we can decide to embrace this profession as we do another mainstream profession like hairdressing or medicine. Make your own independent choice without fear or insecurities. If you want a male or female therapist, just say it up front and enjoy the massage session as it is meant to be.

If your hesitance is caused by your religious beliefs and understanding about the massage profession, then you may have to go with what you genuinely believe. It is not advisable to put aside your core beliefs because of statistical influence, and this may cut across all the human aspects.

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