Cross gender massage in Bangalore – Massage for Male by Female

Massages have always been popular, whether it be a deep tissue massage or a thai massage. In India, massage has been a thriving business for several years now. The term “cross gender massage” stands for a type of massage where either a male gives a massage to a female or vice versa. It is more commonly done by a female to a male massage.

Cross gender spa is perfectly legal in India as well as other places around the world. The police have no right to prevent opposite genders trading these massages to each other for money.

Cross gender spa are being practiced every single day around the world. They have been a target of controversy, though. This is because of the chance of sexual favours being traded between the clients, which is not very uncommon. Not all cross gender rub-down places practice this though.

There are several spas in Bangalore which offer cross gender massages, and they all are different. For example, a spa called “Bang Body SPA” offers female to male rub done by professional massagers. Another spa called “Angel Body Spa” offers cross gender massages as well, but they in particular advertise these services as “erotic”, “arousing” and “sensual”. Some spas are very against sex work, others don’t really mind.

Being a tourist attraction, Bangalore sure has plenty of more spas that offer cross gender rub. The price of these massages tend to vary a lot; some spas are located in better areas than other, thus affecting the price of the massage. Some of the cheapest massages can only cost around 400 rupees while the more expensive ones can be even somewhere around 3000 rupees.

If you’re looking for a cross gender spa, Bangalore is just the right place for you. Massages in Bangalore are not hard to find and it can feel like they are being offered at every corner. Cross gender massages are not uncommon in Bangalore and therefore quite easy to find.

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