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Female to Male massage in Bangalore – Female Spa center

When one is choosing a massage therapist, it is hard to put in the background the gender of your massage therapist. There are current stereotypes about what either the male or female therapists do and do not do. According to The American Massage Therapy Association, about 86% of the registered massage therapists are female. The … Read More

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Massage services available for women in Bangalore, India / Massage for ladies

Know the different types of massage services available for women in Bangalore, India Whether you are a male or a female, massage is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. Massaging your entire body in a spa at least once in a week will aid you greatly in improving your physical … Read More


Cross gender massage in Bangalore – Massage for Male by Female

Massages have always been popular, whether it be a deep tissue massage or a thai massage. In India, massage has been a thriving business for several years now. The term “cross gender massage” stands for a type of massage where either a male gives a massage to a female or vice versa. It is more … Read More


Professional Body Massage Centers in Bangalore Indiranagar

Sandwich Massage This is usually performed by two professional massage therapists- their main aim is to give the client complete satisfaction. Sandwich massage is extremely recommended for clients that want to experience mind blowing relaxation. This type of massage therapy is popular in most spas in Bangalore and in most Asian countries. The massage therapists … Read More