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“Massage is the best way to relax your body and mind.”

I hope everybody agree this statement.

We are BodySquare massage center in Bangalore. And here we provide all kinds of massage services like body to body massage, female to male massage, Thai massage and more.

If you want to take massage in Bangalore, then Bodysquare is the best place. We recognized as the best spa and massage center in India. We have branches in all over Bangalore including Indiranagar, Jayanagar, MG Road, Koramangala, HSR Layout & Electronic city.

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Female to Male Massage in Bangalore:

Many people die every other year due to blood pressure, heart attack, tension, and depression. Leave alone going to the gym frequently, but a body to body massage is the most efficient and preferred way to relax your mind and body. The survey proves that body massages assist in proper blood circulation, mitigate pressure and tension, and increase the immune system. Here at Body Square Massage, best of female to male massage.

Whether you’re on a vocational holiday or encountering an enormous fast-paced life, you have a few alluring treats waiting for you here at Body Square Massage in Bangalore. Our services are designed to satiate your innermost desires such us our female to male and body to body massage. Our overall goal is to satisfy our clients and assist them to get out of their current mental or physical problems.

massage in bangalore

Female to male massage and body to body massage not only gets you relaxed but helps you recover from emotional problems, work pressure, and depression.

With this type of massage at Body Square Massage, it has often proven its worth and value to gratify our clients. Just make a call and book an appointment, and our team of therapist will always attend to you.

A day at our spa is good for your body and mind. Your mind needs to be at peace for your body to feel relaxed. With our female to male massage, you get the guarantee of quality. Be assured at Body Square Massage, you’ll never compromise on quality. It’s our undertaking to offer premier body to body massage as we greatly value your money and time.

Understanding some of the main advantages of massage, we choose to go way out to reach our clients at their homes as an opponent to them visiting our therapists. This courtesy type of treatment allows you to stay in your habitat, which you are highly pleasant with thus avoiding the stresses brought about by travelling to our therapists to get a massage. Our female to male massage is designed to ensure that you retire to a location of rest directly immediately after your massage.

To ensure our body to body massage is more profession and that suits your desires, we provide international therapies that include body scrubs, face treatments, body to body massage for male and female by well-trained ladies.

Body Square massage ladies will provide you to thrilling in an odoriferous procedure of massaging. To sum it up, our ladies are professionals who are well trained and will offer you a candidly live to remember experience.

Reach us today for a tailor made female to male massage that has sensational relaxation, ethereal satisfaction, and with heavenly repose.

Body to Body Massage in Bangalore

We often get tired after such long days and nights of life and all the responsibilities that come with it. It becomes tiring to be subject to one routine day after day without fail. Well, this is only by our consent and the free time we have to spend we could spend it on something better. Bangalore in India is just one of the places with this kind of tension relieving services which help us release all the tension, helping us to relax both mind and body. This is the body to body massage.

Body to body massage is the art of rubbing body to another body in certain ways so as to relieve tension. It is done both to females and males with either partner. It requires the comfort of privacy with a smooth protected surface. Body to body massage may give you just what you need after a long tiresome day, week or regularly within the year.

Body to body massage requires a partner, oil and a covered surface where both parties will lay. It is also an intimate session that is enjoyed by couples who would like to help their minds and bodies relax. Here, they both slip out of their clothes and rub oil on their bodies so that it gets warm and slippery enough for the gliding of their bodies. It involves a lot of physical activity for the one who does it who is often on top. It gives a relaxing feeling to the partner receiving from below the massage movements that calm many parts of the body simultaneously.

Body to body massage has its benefits as well. Both human body temperatures remain steady throughout and the person is able to relax wholly. It also helps to improve circulation throughout the body clearing the mind and helping the whole body to relax and repair. When you get up from this point, you are able to feel the change immediately and have a lighter and brighter mood. It becomes easier to go on with your life after your massage session because you feel very alive.

There are professionals who offer this kind of therapy. The partners are provided for, being either female to male, male to female or otherwise depending on the preference of the client. The session is carried out very well and to the satisfaction of the client. There are several movements and techniques that are used on the client. Often, it is done in an enclosed place where it is comfortable for the client and oil or gel that is used for this process rubbed onto their body and begins.

This is not the only type of service offered in Bangalore relating massages. There are different types of body massages offered to the clients. Depending on your choice, it would be beneficial that you should visit these spas that offer these services. If you are also new or visiting India, pass by Bangalore and have an experience you are not likely to forget with an added advantage of improved health.

Professional massage service in Bangalore:

From the picking the phone call to the end of the massage session, everything should be professional. So, that only we can call one Massage center as a professional spa.

female to male massage in bangalore

Only a few of the Spa in India providing the professional massage. In Bangalore, the number is very less. Bodysquare is one among the best professional spa in India. Currently, we have many branches in Bangalore. We planned to provide the service to all over India.

We are the award winning massage center for quality and safety. So, if you want to take body massage in bangalore means, simply visit Bodysquare to get all kind of massage treatments.

We are not just providing an ordinary spa. We are the extraordinary spa and satisfy all customers with our young beautiful masseur. Yes, we have plenty of professionally trained masseur are available. Both male and female masseur are available with high talented and beautiful. You can pick anyone from our spa and take massage from our center or any hotel rooms or at your home.

Doorway massage also we provided in our spa.

Pregnancy massage in Bangalore:

This is another therapeutic massage. It is used to improve the health of the expectant mothers, reduce stress and cause muscle relaxation and reduce its tension. Prenatal massage therapy is important for women’s prenatal care and it must be carried out carefully. A professional therapist is recommended for a prenatal massage. Unqualified therapists can cause death of the virtuous. A large number of pregnant ladies have cases of anxiety, depression and joint pains, this type of massage solve all this issues. However, it is combined with other techniques like the Swedish massage which improves lymphatic and blood circulation. Swedish massage is a recommended massage simply because it addresses many discomforts associated with skeletal circulatory changes. It also regulates the hormones in the body thus reducing stress and the mood of the pregnant woman is regulated, other benefits such as reduced edema, better sleep and oxygenation of the soft tissues and muscles.

Thai Massage in Bangalore:

Thai Massage is one of the famous massage treatment all over world. Thai massage also called as Thailand massage. Compared to the local massage therapist the native Thailand masseur can do this massage beautifully. We are the only massage center having native Thailand people to do these kinds of massage. That is why Bodysqure is often recognized as the most popular spa in Bangalore city.

Nuru Massage in Bangalore:

Have you experienced Nuru Massage?

If you don’t this is the time for experience Nuru massage. It is the popular massage in all over the world. Nuru Gel is a kind of Gel used to rub your body. Female massage therapist rub her body with your body. Both of your body contacted with Nuru gel.

The power of this massage is really awesome. Once you took Nuru massage, then the whole week should be something special.

Bangalore Nude Massage with Sex:

We are also provide Nude massage service. You can choose any masseur from our spa, and she will provide Nude massage service to you. If you like to have sex with her, then you can ask her to do sex and other services like blowjob, Handjob and Shower bath.

Ayurvedic massage Bangalore:

Ayurvedic massage refers to a body therapy whereby the body’s largest organ which is the skin is soothed. It provides relaxation, circulation, and elimination.

Its popularity is based on the fact that it can be able to relieve tension, pressure and toxic substances from the body. A sensitive Ayurvedic massage therapist who is keen enough is able to read the clients bumps, pains, and lumps

Oil massage is consistently used all through the ayurvedic massage treatment, is ayurvedic massage is carried out on a daily basis it can help in;

1. Promote positive health

2. Overcome fatigue

3. Strengthen the nervous system

4. Nourish the bodily tissue

5. Normalize sleep

6. Instill flexibility

The Charaka Samhita an ancient Ayurvedic treatise states that “Ayurvedic oils strengthen the metabolic fires, purify the intestines, remove toxins from the tissues, rejuvenate the body, prevent aging and bestow the user with a lifespan of 100 years”.

During the Ayurvedic massage there is a great electromagnetic energy transfer between the therapist and the client and therefore it’s very important that the clients trust their therapist in order to enjoy the whole massage process. Most forms of Ayurvedic massage start will initial oil massage then to a more focused performance.

Body massage in Bangalore:

Some of the best things in life are often realized through intriguing adventures which lead to theories and discoveries that change the perspective of certain things. All over the world, massage therapy has been known to have some medicinal value as well as the outstanding feeling of relaxation it brings about. Dating back thousands of years ago, the very first citation of massage therapy was in Egypt in 2500 BCE. It was a form of relaxation used by the then pharaoh.

Body massage in bangalore

Evolving into more elaborate and discreet ways, the 21st century massage therapy in most of the countries is simply intriguing.

With many categories such as body massage, body to body, sandwich, female to male, thai, nuru, Swedish, sensual and nude massage, we are going to go through three of the most exquisite massage in Brigade road, Bangalore.

Being one of the biggest and busiest centers in India, Brigade road is located in Bangalore, India and is home to some of the best spas and professional masseuse.

With ease, the intense form of massage therapy there is capable of curing any stress related condition through its magical relaxation. Do you want to see the three unique body massage featured? Read ahead!

The very first and most common type of massage is the general body massage. In all spas in Brigade road, this is done to professionalism and with much care, and it involves most parts of your body. With the advantage of choosing your own masseuse, the beauty of this type of massage is that it is comprehensive and helps relieve the whole body from any form of fatigue. With easy of chronic aches and stress, the massage is designed to balance the energy levels of the body. Without specifying any technique, this type of body massage requires adequate training since a lot of body parts are involved. It is however worth your time in every aspect.

Other than that, the Swedish massage therapy is another amazing type of body massage that is available in Brigade Bridge.

It involves the rubbing of the body muscles in systematic gliding strokes towards the direction the blood uses to get back to the heart. It is not only about relaxation when it comes to the Swedish massage since it reduces muscle toxins, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and improves flexibility when reducing tension.

Finally, we have the Thai massage which is a bit similar to the Swedish, but is considered to be more of a healing system by many people. Unlike the rest of the massage therapies, one stays dressed and there is less muscle rubbing, but more pulling, pushing and rocking of the body. Used to loosen tightened joints and provide absolute relief, this therapy is also known as the ‘lazy yoga’ and has become quite popular in Brigade road.

In conclusion, all the forms of massage apart from the highlighted ones will always provide the sensation your body has been yearning for. Go and experience the pleasure!

Full Body Massage Center in Bangalore

A massage is a technique that involves working on the body with pressure whose objectives are to promote treatment, body relief, and stress reduction. At Bangalore angel body spa you will get the following services from the trained masseurs, the massage can be administered while lying on the massage table, on the floor or while seated on a chair.

There are a range of affordable body massage services which includes the following

  1. Happy ending
  2. Blowjob

Refers to a lady puts their mouth on a man’s penis and suck repeatedly and massaging the balls and often deep throat it, the objective of this is always ejaculation.

  1. Handjob which refers to the lady doing the massage stimulating the man’s penis using their hands until the man ejaculates
  2. Throat fucking

It’s basically fucking the throat which involves the man putting the penis inside the lady’s mouth and thrusts repeatedly like it was an actual love making, this can stimulate ejaculation.

All the above services are done by Russian and Kerala girls.

For professional massage, angel body spa provides great services to the clients.

Great Benefits of Massage Below are the top reasons why you should book an appointment for a professional massage immediately:

Joint Flexibility:

Some therapies are specifically useful for increased flexibility and a wide range of movement.

Headaches and Migrain:

Studies and surveys have shown the tremendous impact of massage on the reduction and eradication of headaches and migraines.

Improvement for arthritis and other conditions

Massage is being used currently to alleviate the conditions of patients during the recovery for certain types of symptoms. Arthritis and other bone disorders are no longer threatening with the correct use of massage techniques.

Enhance Exercise Performance

Thinking of running in the neighborhood or hitting the Gym, try a regime of massage pre- exercising and compare your exercise experience with when you didn’t spice up with a massage. One of the benefits a pre-exercise massage would do for you is that there would be increased range of movement. What you may not be capable of doing normally becomes exceptionally easy to achieve when exercising.

Pregnancy Related Benefits

For pregnant ladies, pregnancy massage improves the general wellbeing of expectant mothers. It enhances sound sleep and wellness as well for the baby.

For improved alertness

If you desire improved and alertness and better brain power, you may want to consider a massage regime for that purpose. Recent studies have shown the efficacy of massage to improve memory and information retention.

It may ease cancer related symptoms

For Cancer patients, depending on the extent of illness, some special types of massage techniques have been proven to help alleviate symptoms in patients.

For adults and aged For citizens that are advanced in age, massage helps to reduce or eliminate age related illnesses and discomforts. Its importance in improving arthritis symptoms have been described above.

Best Massage Center in Bangalore:

When you are recommended our name to get the best in class massage and spa in Bangalore, you expect us to perform like before during your visit.

body to body massage in bangalore

We too strive to deliver the best. However, we expect our customers to behave decently as our massage girls do. Our spa and massage girls enjoy their duties because they are into this business because they wish to do it; however, they expect smooth deals. They too enjoy the spa and massage appointments but it is possible only if you support them. They need to know the scope of services because many of massage girls accept the invitations for relationship also. If we know the clients’ interest, our massage/spa girl serves with perfect planning. Our growth was quite impossible without the support of our spa and massage girls; thanks to their – commitment, long- term association, flexible approach and delivered excellence.

Rather choosing any specific type like the foot or head massages, most people prefer the full body massage package. It has more benefits than all other as it covers all the limbs. And it is recommended for people of all ages without certain medical conditions. The main advantages of this therapy detailed bellow.

* Get Rid of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression – This feature mostly is a focus for the young men and women. For the working professionals, it became essential to reduce the extreme stress and anxieties. In fact, for depression like serious issues too, massage considered as a great remedy for the experienced people. Along with better concentration at the workplace as well as in the personal life, young professionals excel in their lives.

* Relief from the Pain – Body pain can create lots of issues and may lead to different diseases. It has negative impacts on the person’s performance and excellence. Severe physical works may cause pain and stiffness to anyone. The 24hr massage in Bangalore services emerges as the best solution to get relief from these concerns. Right from migraine pain to aching body muscles, massage can soothe it better.

* Improved Blood Circulation – The feature list of the cheap massage in Bangalore also include this module. Massage has the potential to increase the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to each tissue and organs in the body. Its positive medical benefits include controlled blood pressure and much more.

* Boosts Immune System – The functionality of the body’s immune system perks up with massage as a therapy. It easily stimulates the lymphatic system naturally, that improves the immune system’s efficiency.

* Rejuvenates the Skin – Right from removing the dead skins to assisting in the improvement of the skin tone, body massage works greatly. Healthy blood flow enlivens the appearance of the skin.

It brings back the cherish moments and well-being in life. The life perks up after a full body massage in Bangalore with good sleep, improved energy, and less fatigue.

Contact Us for take body massage in bangalore.

Our Main Services:

  1. Body to Body Massage

  2. Female to male massage

  3. Sandwich massage

  4. Chocolate massage

  5. Swedish massage

  6. Thai massage

  7. Nuru massage

  8. Gel massage

  9. Deep tissue massage

  10. Aromatherpahy

  11. Oil Massage

  12. Hot stone massage

  13. Reflexology Massage

  14. Full Body Massage

  15. Male to male massage

  16. Sensual Massage

I hope now everybody clearly understand about our massage center & service details. If you have any doubt please contact us and ask our customer care executives. We are always ready to help you for taking massage in Bangalore.

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Massage in Bangalore

Bangaluru is one of the biggest cities in India. With a population of about 8.5 million, it is a city with all the expected social amenities, including exotic massage centers.

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The abundance of massage centers in Bangalore gives visitors and residents of the city access to a wide range of massage services.  Some of these services are discussed below:

We are the professional massage center in Bangalore. Here we provide lots of massage & spa services to our customers.

Our popular massage services are:

Our popular spa services are:

  • Facial

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Hair spa

  • Threading

  • Waxing

  • Bridal makeup

  • Body scrub

  • Head massage

  • Foot spa & more

Other than these basic massage services, we also provide some of the extra ordinary massage services. Those are below:

Body Massage Center in Bangalore:

Myofascial release – Sweet Massage Theraphy

This is sweet massaging therapy in which the muscle will be covered with facial – it provides strength and support for the muscles as well as maintain body posture. After work, your body will experience amazing postural improvements as well as eminent relaxation of cramped muscle groups.

Myofascial release is effectively therapeutic in the relieve of neurological dysfunction, scoliosis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, restriction of motion, headaches, back pain and cervical pain.

Sports massage

This is the type of massage that fitness enthusiasts and athletes usually get involved with- it is much more vigorous than other kinds of massage. Some people also say it is more effective and probably guarantees quicker results.

Sports massage achieves multiple results like building up muscle tissue, assists in training, aids in healing of injury or soreness, prevent injury etc. You can engage in sports massage before and after the exercise. You can also engage in sports massage when you contact sports’ injuries like tendonitis, strains or sprains.

Sports massage perfectly enhances athletic recovery and performance; sports massage is divided into three segments namely pre-event, post-event and injury treatment. Each of them has great importance to the athlete. If an athlete sustains an injury, sports massage will help him or her to enhance and speed up the healing process.


This is another form of lucrative energy work; people engage in Reiki to restore mental calmness or body’s recuperative process. This form of massage is highly recommended for people suffering from mood disorders or anxiety and cancer patients. It will comfortably relax their mindset.


This is the art of massaging all the major organs of your body, such as feet and hands- the goal is to promote the healthy function of your body.

Lymphatic massage in bangalore

This is a very gentle, light and repetitive stroke, which is aimed at stimulating all the activities of your lymphatic system. Through lymphatic massage, you can comfortably minimize swelling of your body resulting from post-surgery or injury.

Body to Body massage center:

This consist of two body. One is male body and another one is female body. This is kind of female to male body massage. Rubbing one body with another body is called body to body massage.


This is the art of restructuring your body system so that it can return to normalcy and align with your body posture. The main focus in Rolfing massage is the torso, arms, legs, hands etc.

Pregnancy massage in bangalore

This is exclusively designed to decrease swelling and tension and enhance circulation for pregnant women or those that recently give birth. Pregnancy massage helps such women to remain on track and live healthier lives.

Neuromuscular massage therapy in Bangalore

This effectively balances your central nervous body system- neuromuscular therapy is exceedingly helpful to individuals that suffer biomechanical dysfunction and distortion. It also helps in releasing hyper contraction in the tissue and spasms restore postural alignment, flexibility to the tissue, proper biomechanics, and assists lymphatic and venous flow.

  • Couple Massage Parlour

Spas or hotels offering this service have large rooms that can accommodate the couple at a given time. The rooms are equipped with the right equipment and the best environment to make the session worthwhile. In some settings that are specifically designed for couples, there may be a romantic undertone. In such settings, there may be candle light, dim lighting, Jacuzzis, shower facilities, soaking tubs for two, or any other romantic feature that the managers may think of.  During the massage, each of the couple is attended to by a different masseuse so that the couple can have simultaneous massaging.

Going on a couple massage outing is a good way to have the assurance of your partner, especially if you are having a massage for the first time. His or her presence will ease your tension and set the pace for an exciting and memorable experience at the spa. You can also use the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together while enjoying your massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage Center

Bangalore also has some massage spas that offer Deep Tissue Massage services for individuals with chronic strains, persistent muscle tension, or those recovering from some serious injuries.

By using slow frictions or strokes, the therapist concentrates on the stiff muscle or the sources of the tension and gradually massages it with the goal of dissipating the pains. This process will gradually lead to the elimination of such pains while the client is relieved and can recover effortlessly from whatever may the cause of his or her health challenges.

This massage type has tons of benefits which make it one of the best massage techniques for the citizens of Bangalore. Some of these benefits include overcoming postural problems, getting rid of pains in any part of the body, remove sources of immobility, and help the client to overcome the health implication of repetitive strain injury.

Tantra Massage:


The advantages of getting a massage therapy can never be overemphasised it will help your body to stay healthy, alive and active at all times. Each of the massage therapies discussed in this article has their own unique benefits.

Some of the health benefits of massage therapies are; they can relax your muscle tissue, increase joint space, improve circulation of blood, and aid in waste removals. Massage is an effective treatment that can aid you in reducing muscle tension, pain, digestive disorders, anxiety and stress.

There are ongoing researches in different quarters which showcase more benefits of getting a massage therapy from seasoned masseuse. If you need a moment of relaxation, or relief from chronic pain, then getting a therapeutic massage may be the solution- it will quickly improve your physical and emotional well-being!

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