Body Massage Service in Bangalore

Come Relax and Unwind with Bodysquare Massage Spa

There are many different massage spas in Bangalore but Bodysquare stands out from the group. Our professional service sets us apart as we offer a variety of massage styles to help you unwind from the stress of the day.

Part of our services include:

Thai massage: designed to relieve stress and tension and provide good blood flow

Swedish massage: is designed to improve blood and oxygen flow as well as to help your immune system.

Body to Body Massage: helps rid the body of pain and toxins, while helping to relieve depression and anxiety. It is a sure method for mood improvement.

We also offer Aromatherapy, hot stone, Nuru, sensual and oil massages. You get to choose which style of massage best fits your mood and body. We also offer a couples massage option if you want to experience the full benefit of our massage therapies with your spouse or significant other. You can relax together knowing that you and your loved one are in good hands.

Bodysquare has it all for you. We look after the whole body by offering other important services like facials, pedicures, manicures, threading and waxing. We also help you get ready for your big day by providing a wedding make-up service and a head massage to help relieve the stress that comes with taking such a big step in life.

Set with a beautiful ocean view, Bodysquare is here to help you relax and provide you with a full massage experience. Our professional masseurs are ready to help you unwind both mentally and physically. Our years of experience will guide us to helping you take care of your health as a good massage can help the immune system, increase blood circulation, relieve pain and possibly help lower your blood pressure. A good massage may help you avoid heart problems as well.

Give your health a high priority and come to Bodysquare for a full massage treatment and wonderful personal care. Use our contact form to let us know your needs and what massage you would like. Our professionals are ready to work with you so that you can maximize the health benefits and meet your desires for a massage.

Contact us today to see which massage is best for you and start giving your health the help it needs. You deserve the best so contact Bodysquare and improve your mood and health today.

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