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Bangalore Body to Body massage:

Welcome to BodySquare,massage in bangalore

We proudly say we are the best body to body massage center in bangalore.

Not only B2B massage but also we provide lots of massage services like a female to male, thai massage, Nuru massage, Oil massage, Aroma Therapy, Swedish massage, Sandwich massage & more.

Contact Body Square to take full body massage in bangalore.

Body to Body massage is nothing but sliding two body with the help of cream, lotion or Gel.

This massage helps to reduce pain, stress & pressure.

It also helps to maintain the body temperature. Both male to male body massage and female to male massage service available in our spa.

Now a days Body to Body massage is popularly taken by all the persons.

In Bangalore BodySquare is the best body to body massage center.

Female to Male Massage in Bangalore

Many people die every other year due to blood pressure, heart attack, tension, and depression. Leave alone going to the gym frequently, but a body to body massage is the most efficient and preferred way to relax your mind and body. The survey proves that body massages assist in proper blood circulation, mitigate pressure and tension, and increase the immune system. Here at Body Square Massage, best of female to male massage.

Whether you’re on a vocational holiday or encountering an enormous fast-paced life, you have a few alluring treats waiting for you here at Body Square Massage in Bangalore. Our services are designed to satiate your innermost desires such us our female to male and body to body massage. Our overall goal is to satisfy our clients and assist them to get out of their current mental or physical problems.

Female to male massage and body to body massage not only gets you relaxed but helps you recover from emotional problems, work pressure, and depression.

With this type of massage at Body Square Massage, it has often proven its worth and value to gratify our clients. Just make a call and book an appointment, and our team of therapist will always attend to you.

A day at our spa is good for your body and mind. Your mind needs to be at peace for your body to feel relaxed. With our female to male massage, you get the guarantee of quality. Be assured at Body Square Massage, you’ll never compromise on quality. It’s our undertaking to offer premier body to body massage as we greatly value your money and time.

Understanding some of the main advantages of massage, we choose to go way out to reach our clients at their homes as an opponent to them visiting our therapists. This courtesy type of treatment allows you to stay in your habitat, which you are highly pleasant with thus avoiding the stresses brought about by travelling to our therapists to get a massage. Our female to male massage is designed to ensure that you retire to a location of rest directly immediately after your massage.

To ensure our body to body massage is more profession and that suits your desires, we provide international therapies that include body scrubs, face treatments, body to body massage for male and female by well-trained ladies.

Body Square massage ladies will provide you to thrilling in an odoriferous procedure of massaging. To sum it up, our ladies are professionals who are well trained and will offer you a candidly live to remember experience.

Reach us today for a tailor made female to male massage that has sensational relaxation, ethereal satisfaction, and with heavenly repose.

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Professional massage service in Bangalore:

From the picking the phone call to the end of the massage session, everything should be professional. So, that only we can call one Massage center as a professional spa.

Only a few of the Spa in India providing the professional massage. In Bangalore, the number is very less. Bodysquare is one among the best professional spa in India. Currently, we have many branches in Bangalore. We planned to provide the service to all over India.

We are the award winning massage center for quality and safety. So, if you want to take body massage in bangalore means, simply visit Bodysquare to get all kind of massage treatments.

We are not just providing an ordinary spa. We are the extraordinary spa and satisfy all customers with our young beautiful masseur. Yes, we have plenty of professionally trained masseur are available. Both male and female masseur are available with high talented and beautiful. You can pick anyone from our spa and take massage from our center or any hotel rooms or at your home.

Doorway massage also we provided in our spa.

Pregnancy massage:

This is another therapeutic massage. It is used to improve the health of the expectant mothers, reduce stress and cause muscle relaxation and reduce its tension. Prenatal massage therapy is important for women’s prenatal care and it must be carried out carefully. A professional therapist is recommended for a prenatal massage. Unqualified therapists can cause death of the virtuous. A large number of pregnant ladies have cases of anxiety, depression and joint pains, this type of massage solve all this issues. However, it is combined with other techniques like the Swedish massage which improves lymphatic and blood circulation. Swedish massage is a recommended massage simply because it addresses many discomforts associated with skeletal circulatory changes. It also regulates the hormones in the body thus reducing stress and the mood of the pregnant woman is regulated, other benefits such as reduced edema, better sleep and oxygenation of the soft tissues and muscles.

Ayurvedic massage Bangalore:

Ayurvedic massage refers to a body therapy whereby the body’s largest organ which is the skin is soothed. It provides relaxation, circulation, and elimination.

Its popularity is based on the fact that it can be able to relieve tension, pressure and toxic substances from the body. A sensitive Ayurvedic massage therapist who is keen enough is able to read the clients bumps, pains, and lumps

Oil massage is consistently used all through the ayurvedic massage treatment, is ayurvedic massage is carried out on a daily basis it can help in;

1. Promote positive health

2. Overcome fatigue

3. Strengthen the nervous system

4. Nourish the bodily tissue

5. Normalize sleep

6. Instill flexibility

The Charaka Samhita an ancient Ayurvedic treatise states that “Ayurvedic oils strengthen the metabolic fires, purify the intestines, remove toxins from the tissues, rejuvenate the body, prevent aging and bestow the user with a lifespan of 100 years”.

During the Ayurvedic massage there is a great electromagnetic energy transfer between the therapist and the client and therefore it’s very important that the clients trust their therapist in order to enjoy the whole massage process. Most forms of Ayurvedic massage start will initial oil massage then to a more focused performance.

Body massage in Brigade Road:

Some of the best things in life are often realized through intriguing adventures which lead to theories and discoveries that change the perspective of certain things. All over the world, massage therapy has been known to have some medicinal value as well as the outstanding feeling of relaxation it brings about. Dating back thousands of years ago, the very first citation of massage therapy was in Egypt in 2500 BCE. It was a form of relaxation used by the then pharaoh.

Body massage in bangalore

Evolving into more elaborate and discreet ways, the 21st century massage therapy in most of the countries is simply intriguing.

With many categories such as body massage, body to body, sandwich, female to male, thai, nuru, Swedish, sensual and nude massage, we are going to go through three of the most exquisite massage in Brigade road, Bangalore.

Being one of the biggest and busiest centers in India, Brigade road is located in Bangalore, India and is home to some of the best spas and professional masseuse.

With ease, the intense form of massage therapy there is capable of curing any stress related condition through its magical relaxation. Do you want to see the three unique body massage featured? Read ahead!

The very first and most common type of massage is the general body massage. In all spas in Brigade road, this is done to professionalism and with much care, and it involves most parts of your body. With the advantage of choosing your own masseuse, the beauty of this type of massage is that it is comprehensive and helps relieve the whole body from any form of fatigue. With easy of chronic aches and stress, the massage is designed to balance the energy levels of the body. Without specifying any technique, this type of body massage requires adequate training since a lot of body parts are involved. It is however worth your time in every aspect.

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Other than that, the Swedish massage therapy is another amazing type of body massage that is available in Brigade Bridge.

It involves the rubbing of the body muscles in systematic gliding strokes towards the direction the blood uses to get back to the heart. It is not only about relaxation when it comes to the Swedish massage since it reduces muscle toxins, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and improves flexibility when reducing tension.

Finally, we have the Thai massage which is a bit similar to the Swedish, but is considered to be more of a healing system by many people. Unlike the rest of the massage therapies, one stays dressed and there is less muscle rubbing, but more pulling, pushing and rocking of the body. Used to loosen tightened joints and provide absolute relief, this therapy is also known as the ‘lazy yoga’ and has become quite popular in Brigade road.

In conclusion, all the forms of massage apart from the highlighted ones will always provide the sensation your body has been yearning for. Go and experience the pleasure!




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